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Tampa, FL First Week of Shows

It's been a busy week!
We've had our first shows, and our first three show Saturday.
Aaah, just like old times.

So far the show is running very smoothly!
Some changes are still being made, but since we'll be on tour for two years it's important to make the show as perfect as possible before leaving Florida.

A few nights ago after the Liberty act ended, the horses got a bit
confuzzled about where their exit was and came rushing at the bandstand.

(Liberty = a horse act where the horses perform without riders, following only verbal commands)

Last year something similar happened, and I saw Tom (keys) spread his arms wide and hold his ground in front of the confused horse. This seems to be the thing to do...I have also seen the animal handlers and trainers make the same gesture to direct the horses when they go the wrong way. So I thought I'd try it out. Sure enough, the horses turned and trotted away...
over to the other bandstand...so the Bandmaster got to spread his arms too. LOL.
The horse trainer (I'm sorry, I STILL don't know his name!) has since changed the way the horses exit.
But hey, it's good to know what to do just in case :)

Animals are our colleagues. They work just as hard as people to learn their parts.
They get nervous, excited, happy, and frustrated, just like us.
So it's important to show them respect, always :)

This year, because I am participating in the Band Gag/Clown Blowoff,
I have a little time to mingle during preshow activities.
Again, I don't want to ruin the surprise so I won't say what the Gag entails.
You'll just have to come to a show to find out ;)

Anyway, I do get to spend part of the preshow in the audience.
I enjoyed watching fellow circus performers as they entertained guests
up close and personal, but it was far more interesting to people watch,
and to hear what people are feeling and thinking about the circus.
So far, seems like most people are very excited to see us, and that's a great feeling :)

Here are some people enjoying the aerial preshow act.

The elephants' entrance is also a big deal; most people start
gasping, cheering and dragging their kids closer right away.

We have been sold out or nearly sold out every night. I love big crowds!
The atmosphere is more festive, and reactions are bigger :)
We've also had a few celebrity visits from folks such as Nancy Grace and Chris Jericho.

The DVD is being filmed currently, that's pretty cool.
There are cameras EVERYWHERE...on the portal, zooming overhead on booms,
dudes with shoulder cams scooting around the bandstand to catch acts as they
enter the arena. I wonder what the finished product will look like!

Now that the music is solidified, it sounds GOOD.

We've got a recording session on the 9th that is supposed to take most of the day.
The recordings will be used with the DVD, in advertisements, for preshow,
and anywhere else the promoters see fit.

Today (Sunday) we have two shows.
The train will be preparing to move to Orlando.
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