taz_39 (taz_39) wrote,

A Circus Christmas


Today I woke up super late, around 10am.
What a wonderful feeling!
After a week of early days, sleeping in was a great treat.

I cooked enough food to last a few days and cleaned up a bit.
Then I got to Skype with my parents and sister!!
They are opening presents tomorrow, and since I have to work they decided it would be better if
I opened my presents today. YIPEE!!!

First off, I am a very lucky girl, to have such generous and thoughtful parents and siblings.
My sister sent me a box, but unfortunately it may have been lost in transit.
However she put a lot of thought into the gift that would have arrived. It's a wonderful feeling,
knowing that she cares enough to send something. Thanks sista!

And my parents not only sent gifts, they also took the time to wrap them and make sure they arrived
before Christmas, so that I could open them today. That's REALLY above and beyond, and I was touched
by their thoughtfulness and long-distance love the day the boxes arrived :)

Then I got to open the gifts in front of them via Skype!

A NuWave Infrared oven!!!
I can cook whole chickens! Or cookies! Or pizza!
Wow, I might actually learn how to prepare food for REAL!!!

A NuWave Induction cooktop!!!
It works using a magnetic field, causing the cookware to vibrate and cook the food.
So you can touch it and not be burnt, while your food is cooking!!

I'll try these out for the first time in a day or two. Can't wait!!!

And stocking stuffers!!


My parents obviously took a LOT of time to consider what would be most useful to me on the train...
a Brita water bottle with extra filters, an LED lantern to find my way in the dark in the
train yards, an LED flashlight so that I can unlock the band box backstage, and a jar of
SUPER difficult to find PA Dutch Buckwheat honey (they went through a LOT of trouble for that one).
And candy :) You know, the necessities :D

I am deeply touched by how carefully they thought about all of these gifts.
I am deeply ashamed that my gifts to them are not nearly as thoughtful.
How can I repay them? I can't think of anything now. But it's my greatest wish that someday I can
give back an equal share or more.

I am very, very grateful for my family.

Afterward we talked for about an hour, about work and life and other such things.
It was nice catching up :)

Then I caught the 3:30 bus to a nearby Hilton, where the circus Christmas meal was being hosted.
It was just a dining hall with a hot meal for whoever wanted to dig in.

Lots of veggies :)
There was chocolate cake and sweet potato pie too. I had a 1/2 slice of each.
Boy was I stuffed!
LJ (floor crew) and one of the KCT (King Charles Troupe) guys joined me.
We ate and talked and caught the next bus back to the train.

I cleaned up a bit, then wrote this,
and now I'm going to watch a Christmas movie and enjoy the rest of the holiday :D

Merry Christmas everyone!
Tags: barnum & bailey, barnum and bailey, circus, family, holidays, local foods, ringling, ringling bros, ringling brothers, state: florida, winter quarters
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