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Winter Quarters Days 21 - 24

Day 21

There is some awesome pyro very close to the bandstand.
Rock Trombone \m/

Did a run-through of the first half of the show today,
and got one new piece of music.
Is it bad that we've got 11 days left until preview night,
and only 1/4 of the music?

In other news, missed the Gold show preview tonight :/
I had to get ready for a trip tomorrow.
But I hear they did a great job (and frankly am not surprised!)

Day 22

A day off.

I rented a car for the day to go visit my stepdad,
who is in therapy in West Palm Beach.

I have tried to keep this a circus-based blog, but there are times when life involves more than a touring show.
And at those times you'll have to hear about it :P

My step-family has faced some serious difficulties this year.
There are a lot of personal issues that need to be addressed in our family,
and many things that need to be said and done.
I won't get deep into it...every family has their problems.

It's been a while since my step-dad and I saw each other in person.
I wasn't sure how it would go, but it turned out to be a good visit.
He's trying to get back on his feet, and I respect that.
We had a good talk and a good meal, and took a walk on a nearby beach.
I've never been to a beach south of the Carolinas (not that I can remember anyway).
It's very different than the northern beaches...clear water, lots of shells, rock formations, more sharks :)

We found lots of cool shells, including this one that turned up right as we were leaving:

I wish I could have stayed longer, but the drive was very long and we only had one day off.
So we parted ways and I drove back across the state.
I was trying to make it back in time to return the rental car, but hit traffic and knew I wouldn't make it.

So instead, I called The Brass and Woodwind Shop in Wesley Chapel. Steve, the owner, has been working on the Conn 100H bell that I picked up in Oklahoma City. It needed some straightening out and general damage repair, and turns out the slide I got from Utah to go with it needed some alignment as well. Steve did all of this for me at a very reasonable price, and with the fastest turnaround I've ever experienced. AND he stayed open 1/2 hour late so that I could come pick it up.
Dude is awesome. Thanks Steve!

The finished product is similar to Brett's Minick trombone.

Trombone geeks, note the slightly curved grip. It's comfy :)

The processes of damage, repair, partial lacquer removal and partial
relacquering have led to a bell that looks like it's been done in gold
leaf. Though I'm sure no one's fooled lol.


The signature 100H "tootsie roll" counterweights.

Better in some ways, worse in others. But overall a very acceptable instrument.
After retrieving the trombone, I snagged some groceries and headed home.

Day 23

We got a little more new music today.
The Gold Unit is moving out tonight/tomorrow, so we should see more music soon THANK GOODNESS!

While we rehearsed on the bandstand this afternoon, a camera crew sort of started swarming around us.
I'm a little camera shy, but tried not to react as video and photo cameras looped around us.
Some cameras were on arms that did 360s while we were playing, that was cool.
One dude took pictures of me from only about a foot away. Wanted a close-up of all those zits I guess lol.
Brett, being the Bandmaster, got a lot of attention. Sometimes the cameras were, like, inches from his face!

At the end of the day today we got cupcakes,

Not sure what the occasion was. But do you REALLY need an occasion for cupcakes?

I also found out our show is going to be premiering some special lighting.

The lighting peeps are geeking out over 'em, so they must be something special!

Day 24

A pretty normal day :)
Except for this GIANT purple box that showed up in the middle of rehearsal!

A Christmas present from the parents! Wonder what it could be!
There was a lot of peer pressure to open it. I resisted :P

Today was straightforward...rehearsal, a run through, several changes.
The first half is too long, so some acts are being shortened.
I guess it's better to have too much material than not enough, huh!

Later in the evening, "Pig Pen" (train crew) treated me to a fancy dinner!

Cheesy rice, stuffed clams and green beans (I was the Lame-O who brought the beans).
We had a great meal and a good conversation :)