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Winter Quarters Days 3 - 6

Day 3

I got to see our costumes today!
I can haz utility belt??
Also we must do the YMCA at least once!!! lol.

Here's a costume that you WON'T see me wearing btw :P

(image courtesy Nicole Feld's Twitter)

Day 4

There is a baby camel here!!! His name is Sable.
He belongs to the Gold Unit, though :P
I haven't gotten a picture yet, but don't worry! It will happen!!

I've been walking around the grounds during breaks.
There's a 40 degree temperature difference between my hometown and Tampa right now.

It's weird.
But also a beautiful place to rehearse!

Day 5

More practice, a few more pieces. We expect to start getting lots more music next week.
I'm looking forward to Sunday, our first day off.
I want to do some Christmas shopping, get a haircut, find a good store for shipping packages, etc.
Tomorrow after rehearsal there's supposed to be a party at Ryan (animal trainer)'s trailer. Woo!

Day 6

Woohoo! We've got about 1/4 of our music learned :)
We got music for the Menage (short for 'menagerie') today!
It's kind of a 'medley'...and like most of the music we've gotten so far, it's very energetic.
On Sunday our new portal arrives,
and after it's set up the band may get to rehearse with everyone else. I'm glad!

After rehearsal, Ryan held a party at his trailer which is right across from the arena.

The food was mostly grilled meat (cooked by Brian, animal handler) and chips and of course beer and liquor.
I got to meet more people, including a few dancers.
I think this was the first time I've talked to any dancers since joining the circus!
This party was extra fun since both the Gold and Red units are here. A good time was had.

Afterward I hitched a ride home with Cindy (teacher) and LJ (floor crew).
Cindy has got some quail eggs from a local farmer, and is incubating them in the school!

The kids will get to see the chicks hatch!
They will also see the development process,
using plastic eggs with pictures inside them featuring different embryonic stages. Cool, huh!

Tomorrow the bus is going to a HUGE mall nearby. I intend to go do some Christmas shopping!