taz_39 (taz_39) wrote,

Just Like That...

...it's the end of August already.

After a 10-hour drive to get back to Florida, I frantically unpacked and did laundry and cleaned the bathrooms and watered the plants and packed a lunch and prepped for work. That was pretty much the evening, that and catching up with Jameson.

Then it was right back into the work week.

They have already taken my team away from me.
I came in to find out that all of my captionists have been reassigned. Which is good, I mean they would have been reassigned anyway.
I guess I thought they'd wait until I was closer to leaving to scatter them to the winds, though.
Well, I made sure to meet with each of them and tell them they'd be on a new team soon.
Some were surprised, some could care less.


There's really not much to say about the "work week". It was only three days long because of my visit with my aunt.

On Monday, steno class was ended at 7pm for an "assembly".
That just goes to show that some things are meant to be: I had a TOOTSIE production meeting/orientation at 7pm the same day. So I lost no class time, conveniently.

The meeting was very informative, plus I got to see a lot of the people who will be my coworkers and traveling companions as we all popped into the zoom meeting.

The majority of the meeting had to do with company policies regarding covid, anti-racism, covid, anti-discrimination, covid, sensitivity training, media training...and covid.

All pretty normal for 2021.

The main takeaways for me were:

  • Any trip over 500 miles is likely to be done via plane. That is somewhat more plane time than I had expected. On one hand I'm glad because we'll get to each city faster and I'll get more comfortable with flying. On the other hand I'm bummed because I'll still have to pack very lightly most of the time, and at the moment I still dislike flying and will have to get over that. Gotta say though, now that I know this, I'm really glad I signed myself up for PreCheck.

  • By the end of this tour I will be very used to having a swab stuck up my nose. Not only do we need to be vaccinated, we will also have to complete a rapid test basically every week. Welcome to the new normal!

  • There are absolute loads of covid provisions and guidelines that we will be following. I was really impressed at how thorough and thoughtful this company has been about protecting everyone.

  • We will still be allowed to visit with friends and family in each city. We're just asked to be responsible and use good judgement. Yay!

In coming weeks we will hopefully continue to get info and training sessions and who knows what else.



My work week ended with working from home on a computer that was lagging like 90's dial-up for no apparent reason. I did manage to complete my work, but not to the usual standard, which was very annoying. I also managed to do some chores and get in an hour of trombone practice, 30 minutes of steno, and reading through some of the information packets we got during the meeting. I got some groceries, but forgot pine nuts for the pesto (it's a rule, I gotta forget one thing and make a wasted trip the next day. Sigh.) We had Bento for dinner, ice cream for dessert, and a few hours to relax.

I feel a lot of pressure to get things done this weekend, but there is still, STILL plenty of time.
Wednesday I plan to make "faux sourdough"--I'll explain this later--and the pesto, then for dinner I'll cook the homemade gnocchi that I made several months ago and that has been languishing in the freezer. To be served fried in sage butter sauce with peas and lemon chicken.

I'll still have steno class that evening, and after that Jameson has rehearsal and I'll practice trombone.

On Thursday I want to empty my large planter and do a little cleaning on the pool patio, and possibly clean the shower too if I'm not too tired. And of course, steno and trombone practice.

There's still loads to do: get my car cleaned for storage, change my car insurance, make a haircut appointment, complete more tour paperwork, look into rapid tests available in Florida, reserve some practice rooms so I can really make a racket. And more.

One thing at a time, and it'll all get done.
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