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We missed our window en route to Rochester, so the train was sitting still for nearly 15 hours.

Despite that, most people kept a positive attitude. I went to the Pie Car for dinner, where lots of people were gathered to eat and trade rumors and keep each other from going insane :P
Some of the rumors heard that day:

"I heard the flats have derailed!"
"Maybe the engineer got angry and drove off!"
"The arena in Rochester didn't know we had a Wednesday show, and booked someone else!"
"Someone got hurt!"

That last one had me texting some train crew peeps to ask if everything was 'ok'.
The answer: "Yep. We missed our window and the next one isn't until nighttime."

So it was our usual reason for being late, but we had missed the ONLY window available that morning.

The circus train uses commercial rail lines, and often must yield to freight and passenger trains.
I don't know exactly how it works, but the "window" is the span of time where our train would be allowed to travel down the main line. It's kind of like how planes must be cleared for takeoffs and landings, and sometimes must sit on the runway for hours for repairs, delays, etc. Blechy. But here on the train, at least we have all the conveniences of home while we wait :D

We got to Rochester on Tuesday evening.
Our incredibly dedicated crew had to do load-in with a 15 hour delay,
but they got the job done because they're just that bada$$. Major kudos!
In addition, they're currently doing load-out in the midst of hurricane weather.
THAT'S incredible work ethic.

The yard this week is near the airport, and a plaza with a Walmart and various other stores.
I walked over to get groceries with several clowns, who were shopping for Haunted Clown Car accessories.
That's right...every Halloween, the clowns turn their train car into a HAUNTED CLOWN CAR. #AWESOMESAUCE

It was great!!! Considering they've only got one train car to work with and a limited time to prepare, they did a really excellent job. Each room was different and scarier than the last! :D There were like a zillion different kinds of creepy lighting, all the textured stuff hanging from the ceiling was great, and the scarers stayed in character and did a fantastic job. As I was typing this paragraph, I could hear people screaming their heads off in car 38 (I'm in car 39 after all). People going through the haunted car exited via our car, so it was pretty noisy for about an hour...but I don't mind. It was REALLY fun listening to everyone's reactions! :D

Anyway it was very cool. I wonder what it's like, being a clown. Probably one of the toughest--and potentially one of the most rewarding--jobs in the circus.

There were other Halloween events this week too: a costume party/pot luck,
and a trick-or-treat adventure for the kids :)
I didn't stick around for the costume party (didn't make a costume & didn't bring food),
but here are some fabulous pictures:

The Three Kings. (Left to right: Tom (keys), Jameson (keys), Brian 'Slick' (trumpet))

Faceless Undead Monk (Brett, Bandmaster/trumpet)

I didn't get to see this happen, but I heard about it...

When the costume contest started, the Three Kings were shoe-ins for the win...but just as the votes were about to be cast, Claudia (legendary circus entertainer) came running in wearing cymbals on her head, chest, and butt, and hitting them all with a drumstick! LMAO!!!
So of course she won. Way to go Claudia!!!

(photo courtesy Rebecca, Wardrobe)

What can I say. The circus is an awesome family/work/home :D

During the week I explored the city, like I do.
On Thursday I went for a haircut, and asked the stylist where would be a good place to go poke around.
Because as every girl knows, stylists know these things ;)

She said I should check out Park Ave. and so I did. There were lots of cute shops, including one called Generosity Store whose proceeds go to mentally disabled adults. Many of their wares were built by the disabled; lots of wooden furniture and toys, and they also sold pies! Right next door was a Great Harvest Bread Co. where I picked up what is likely my last local bread for the year. I say 'a' Great Harvest Bread Co., because I'm pretty sure they're some type of chain.


This bread is called Woodstock Bread.
As you can see it's covered in pumpkin, flax, sunflower, and sesame seeds.
The seeds are on the outside only; none are baked into the bread.
I think the dough is honey wheat. It's really tasty and has great texture...crunchy, chewy, and crumbly mostly!
But it's definitely no good for toast because it's way too difficult to cut!

Other than these events, I didn't really DO much in Rochester...just walked around and enjoyed kicking through leaf piles, people watching, and window shopping. There were some beautiful old mansions on East Ave., and some interesting historic areas near the arena. Rochester used to have a subway system, but it was abandoned and is now covered in grafitti.

Here's our stuff, on the bridge directly over this subway system (Broad St.)

Inside the arena is a WWII monument...in fact, it's right by the band's dressing room!
It features an eternal flame AND a fountain. Cool.

Directly up the street from the arena is Dinosaur BBQ, a VERY delicious "Honky-Tonk rib joint".
PS, The Hells Angels are having their Halloween party there tonight. \m/
I got me some beef brisket sandwich!

(photo of sandwich borrowed from Kung Food Panda)

Next week we're in Pittsburgh, playing the CONSOL Energy Center.
For me, it's a nostalgic and strange and wonderful feeling to perform there.
I remember playing a PMEA festival at the David L. Lawrence Center right down the street,
back in high school.
We did the Firebird Suite. I was still using my good ol' King 606.
I was all proud of myself for getting 1st chair. Lolol!

The end of the year party will also be in this city. I've got to find a dress!!!


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Abby Cerow DeCastro
Sep. 3rd, 2013 02:04 am (UTC)
My Home!
Rochester looks to be the closest the circus comes to my hometown in the Finger Lakes. My little brother lives in Rochester and works inside the Blue Cross Arena where you performed...I'll have to ask him if he remembers the circus coming to town last year :)

So happy you got some Dino BBQ -- iconic stuff!
Sep. 3rd, 2013 04:18 am (UTC)
Re: My Home!
Cool! I'll have to remember that when we pass through again. That's a fun city. Dino BBQ is AWESOME.
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