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Bridgeport, CT non-adventures

Here in Bridgeport, we were fortunate to have a "dark day",
i.e. a day of no shows and a day off for most circus peeps.
Most people took advantage of the break to visit NYC, only a short drive/Amtrak/Metro ride away.
As for me, I'm embarrassed to say I didn't realize how close we were to the city,
and so didn't make any plans to drop in :(    #FAIL.
Gotta pay more attention. Fortunately we're spending a significant amount of time in the tri-state next year.

I was all hyped to visit the P.T. Barnum Museum (he was born in Bridgeport),
but it was closed due to tornado damage.
I spent the dark day doing some Christmas window shopping, and working on building a shelf to add to the existing bookshelf in my room. We were parked directly behind a Home Depot in a shopping plaza with a Target, TJ Maxx, DSW, and more, so I spent a lot of time walking and looking. I kept an eye out for date nails in the train yard as the tracks were old and rotted, but didn't find any.

Kyle, one of the newer train crew members here, kindly offered to help me build my shelf. My measurements were inaccurate (surprise surprise) so he's still working on getting it to the correct size. In the meantime, I'm installing supports for the shelf.

Long story short, Bridgeport was not an exciting visit. However we did have one interesting show this week!
During one show, the Human Cannon (Brian Miser) sort of missed his target...he ended up on the wrong side of the landing pad and had to run all the way around to the correct side...ON FIRE. Apparently there was something wrong with the hydraulics(?) so the cannon act was cut for the next show. This also meant that the clowns' "Cannon Parody" would be cut. The cannon is one of the most exciting acts in our show (imo), so it was a bummer that it was cut, but for everyone's safety it was definitely the best decision.

This was the first time the cannon's been cut since I've been here, and it was interesting and exciting to be part of the changes made to keep the show moving :)

Other than that, the most exciting part of my visit to Bridgeport was getting to see my sister, Raven.
She's the first family member I've seen since "running away to join the circus",
and I was so, SO happy to see her!!!

Raven is currently attending school in New York for creative writing.
Here's a link to her YouTube channel, where she reads several of her works out loud.
Feel free to comment, I'm sure she'd love the feedback!!

I'm awfully proud of her. It takes a lot of guts to pursue what you love, and in the face of family turmoil and dire financial straits to boot. She's got a test coming up in which she must orate two poems in public; specifically, at Nuyorican Poets Cafe. For those who don't know, this cafe is a groundbreaking venue for the presentation of poetry and the visual arts in NYC. So it's a BIG DEAL. I'm thrilled that she'll get to present her work there. Rock it out, Rave!!

After the show, we went to Barnum Publick House where we shared a pretty decent meal and got caught up on family matters, work, life, and all that good stuff. The evening ended with a mad dash to catch her train (missed it), followed by another hour of gabbing during which my dear younger sister found a gray hair on my head :P followed by a farewell hug as she boarded the next train to Grand Central.

This whole exchange made me feel old...in a good way. I can't tell you how amazing it was to hear my sister's plans for the future, and to see her determination to pursue her dream, and really just to view her for the first time as an adult. If you're an older sibling to someone, you'll know what I mean by that :) It's the excitement and joy and pride of getting to watch someone you love become the best woman she can be. I can't wait to see how her future unfolds!

After seeing her off, I went back to the arena to wait for one of the last buses to the train. Several performers were waiting as well after finishing their load out duties...some Chinese acrobats, and some of the dancers. None of them spoke English fluently, so I shyly sat down on the floor near their little group and fiddled with my phone. One of the Chinese guys got up and offered me his chair. Here in the circus, chivalry still exists; women are given first priority for seats on the bus, and doors are held for them. So I knew better than to refuse his offer. I took the chair, and as it was a swivel chair and we were all bored and tired, I proceeded to scoot around the lobby on it, spinning in circles and making an ass of myself. When I stopped spinning, I was happy to see smiles and hear a few chuckles from my coworkers. I later gave up the chair as more people joined us. Someone else took it for a ride not only in the lobby, but outside in the parking lot as well :D

One of the women had a giant bag of lemons she'd gotten from concessions that evening (leftovers from lemonade). She offered me one and I accepted, asking her what she planned to do with the other 50 lemons. In broken english she explained that she'd make lemonade, or just put sugar on them and eat them.

Finally the bus arrived. It had been a longer wait than usual, and we soon found out why. There was a horrible car accident on the highway near our exit. The accident was so recent, there were only two police cars and an ambulance there. Both cars involved were crushed. Fluids were all over the road. One person had been pulled out of a vehicle and was lying on the pavement, a tarp covering the upper half of his body. The EMTs were POUNDING on his chest, attempting to resuscitate him. All of us got a clear view of this desperate struggle before our bus took the exit ramp. For the rest of the ride, we were silent in our own thoughts.

I'm sorry if it was inappropriate to share this awful event here...it's just that it's on my mind, and all the people involved are in my prayers. Life is so short.