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Worcester, MA and New Hampshire Bread

It's about 10pm and I'm on the train waiting for loading to begin.
Loading is when our equipment is loaded onto the flats, and the flats are attached to the rest of the train.
That should begin happening any minute, if we're on schedule.
This will hardly qualify as a train run; we're leaving Worcester around 3am and shooting for Boston by 7am.

Worcester is not exactly a city for sightseeing (i.e. I have no pictures for you :P). That's ok though, we had a light schedule here and it was nice to have some quiet time.
The star performers have also been VERY busy with chari vari rehearsals this week.
The big excitement for us was a new Wal-Mart within walking distance of the train :)
It's the little things, people!

It was a good time to catch up on chores, make travel plans for the upcoming break, or focus on non-circus work and hobbies. I spent the week doing all of the above, and also remembering my mother, who passed away 11 years ago around this time. She died of pancreatic cancer, within about 4 months of being diagnosed.

I'm trying not to think of those four months, though. I'm trying to remember and savor all the years that I was blessed to spend with her. And all the little passing moments. The walks we took when I was very little; singing with her and my sisters in the car on the way to somewhere; having 'coffee time' together on the weekends; walking to the corner gas station for frozen fruit pops; digging up sand crabs and body surfing each summer in Ocean City. At the time I took these moments for granted, and now they are my most precious treasures.
I carry the candle of my mother's memory, and see by its light, and am warmed by its glow.

So that was this week. Sorry I don't have any exciting circus updates or explorations to share...but this next week should make up for it...we're going to Boston!
I hope to walk the Freedom Trail and visit the North End. There are tons of other things to do but in all honesty I've been slow to do my usual next-city research this week. I might just end up tagging along with the crowd to see the sights for once! My friends Erika and Ranjan live in Boston as well, and I can't wait to see them!

Oh, and last week's bread:

While out and about with Justin and Jessica in Manchester, I found a loaf of Anadama bread from Abigail's Bakery.
It's a wheat bread with corn meal for texture and molasses for sweetness. Definitely a local specialty!
Texture and size-wise, it's very similar to the wheat bread I got back in Columbus, OH.

Too dense for toast, but great texture and flavor :) Surprisingly good with fish!