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Kansas Bread

At the City Market I found a bakery called Bloom Baking Co.
I was there in the early afternoon, so they were still putting fresh loaves out.


They also had French macarons, tarts, cookies, and other awesome treats :)
I got a strawberry macaron. Yummy!
Also picked up a loaf of brioche, not knowing what it was. Turns out brioche (for those who might not know, like me) is a sweetbread, basically a croissant in loaf form. It's got a rich buttery flaky sweet taste, and makes fantastic toast and goes great with just about anything.

Over the past week I've had it with eggs, peanut butter, apple butter, fresh fruit, cheese, honey, chicken, ham, and plain. It's just good all around. It also slices very well (not crumbly, sticky or crusty), which is great for me since as a lefty I tend to cut bread unevenly.

Anyway if you're ever in Kansas City, stop by Bloom Baking Co. and try their treats!</p>


Sep. 3rd, 2013 04:16 am (UTC)
Re: Not Anonymous!
I figured :D