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Next Year's Show!!!

The Red Unit's 143rd Edition is already preparing for 2013!
The name of the new show is "Built to Amaze"!

Rehearsals are being held after some shows, and there are "Chari Vari" runthroughs during dress rehearsals.
I've been hearing the term "Chari Vari" for weeks without knowing what it meant, thinking people were saying "Cherry Berry"!

Tonight Google/a Cirque blog gave me the scoop:

"Charivari – opening scene in a circus where all the performers perform a medley of their acts; a taste of things to come. The charivari is usually at the opening of the show and features a snippet of all the acts that are performing. It is usually bright, loud and exciting...organized chaos...it gets the audience warmed in hurried anticipation of all the things that may come."

Wiki has a great description of the original meaning of the word.

Nicole Feld regularly updates her twitter with RBBB and Disney on Ice info.
Here are some photo's she' released:

The 'white model' of next year's show.
Miniature of the entrance arch/bandstand, elephants, dancers, vehicles, props, etc.

Some costume sketches. I will be horrified if any cheerleader-ish outfits come my way. Just sayin'.

The only other thing I know is that we may spend a LOT of time in Cali next year.
So if you're in the Sunshine State, get excited!!! ;D