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Train Run to Kansas City

We are backtracking from Lexington to Kansas City!
This morning it was chilly...I could tell because my windows were fogged.
AWESOME!! Can't WAIT for fall!!

Spent the morning making calls, mainly setting a doctor's appointment (yay checkups!)
I also hope to visit the WWI Museum, Money Museum, American Royal, and a Trader Joe's while we're here!
We'll see what I'll actually have time for haha.

Today I cooked my little eggplants. They (shockingly) turned out pretty good. I sliced them up and tossed them in salt to 'sweat' them, or get the nightshade bitterness out. After about 30 minutes I rinsed and dried the slices, seasoned them with pepper, garlic, Old Bay and oil, and cooked them in the pan until they seemed squishy but not too squishy. Ate them with rice and chicken. The only thing I'd do differently is take ALL the peel off; I peeled it in strips and the cooked skin ended up being sort of bitter and chewy.

Then I cooked a piece of fish for dinner later on.
(photo taken while train was moving)


Doing things like cooking, making the bed, walking, showering, etc. all become special and hilarious challenges when you live on a moving vehicle.

Having been here for six months(!), I've learned not to do any of the above when

a) we are first leaving a yard, or
b) when we are parking in a new city.

This is because the train will be jerking, stopping, or changing direction unexpectedly during departure/arrival.

The best time to take showers and cook is while the train is moving at a high speed.
This is because the motion of the train is more constant and less jerky.
It's just like how it's easier to climb from the front seat of a car to the back seat while on the highway as opposed to stop-and-go downtown traffic.

Walking in the hallway is a fun time no matter how the train is moving.
I spent my first weeks here stumbling into peoples' doors and tripping over vestibule connectors. It takes practice to keep from getting bounced between the walls. I am clumsy so I still bounce pretty often :D

If you sleep on the top bunk, making your bed is a pretty serious chore! You have to stand on a counter to even be at eye level with the bed, and you have to climb into the bed to reach the far side if you want to tuck your sheets in there. Add to that the difficulty of climbing up and down while the train is moving. Requires good balance for sure. Probably dangerous. Not recommended!

Eric, our head porter, has put in his notice and will be leaving the circus. He's worked here for 3 years and is about my age. I think he's just tired of it and wants to try staying in one place for a while.
(Porter = the same thing as a building superintendent, but on a train)

Tonight is essentially his last train run. We were out on the vestibule just watching the scenery go by, and he said since it's his last train run, he wanted to see the stars.
So he goes back inside and in a few moments the lights go out on the vestibule.

It was amazing. Because we were in the middle of nowhere and there was no light pollution, you could see ALL the stars. The Milky Way looked like smoke flowing across the sky. For the first time I saw Ursa Minor (the Little Dipper) in the sky rather than a planetarium. Eric said he saw a shooting star...I didn't, but then again having never seen one, I wouldn't know what to look for.

The above photo was borrowed from another website, because there was no way I could take pictures. This image is closest to what it looked like.  It was beautiful.
I'm very grateful that he shared his last night on the train with me.