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Lexington, KY

Lexington is awesome!
Definitely adding it to my own personal Top 10 Cities list :)

Mostly it just reminds me of Winston-Salem.
(There IS a Mellow Mushroom here after all!)

Beautiful clean streets, mix of old and new buildings, culture and class. Love it.

Before exploring downtown proper, I went in the opposite direction on Main St. and found POPS Resale, a shop featuring records, vinyl, vintage clothes, gaming systems, and turntables.
Didn't buy anything but the lo
oking was free :D

Right next door was the Meadowthorpe Antique Mall. I had a good time poking around there too; they had lots of dishware and art from "occupied Japan", and lots of WWII memorabilia.
Bought a 1970s teacup because it was cheap and made me happy :)


The next day I explored downtown!

The arena is conveniently located right next to a beautiful clean RJ Corman rail yard, so we're walking distance from all the main streets! I first visited the Mary Todd Lincoln House, but they unfortunately have a very strict tour schedule so I was unable to take a tour. You're not allowed to just look around, either :/

Next I tried the Lexington History Museum...and go figure, it's closed!! Bad luck!!
There was a really cool public drinking fountain out front, however.

On a sidestreet across the way I found an Irish import store with a 'chocolate' horse stuck to the side:

There were other types of horses all over the city...glitter horse, graffiti horse, etc.
And legit horse statuary too of course...this was at Thoroughbred Park:

Since we're talking about horses, I'll mention that the audience reaction to the circus's horse act is much stronger here than in other cities :)
People here really seem to enjoy and appreciate the skill of both horses and trainers, and applauded or cheered after each act.

Back to downtown. There was art all over the place!
I did a double take when passing this 'parking meter' in the middle of the sidewalk:

Each of those little circles had an item inside...mostly insect parts. The topmost one had a crystal.

Later on I did some research and found the artist, and the purpose of the meter.

While we were in town, the Lextington Roots & Heritage Festival was taking place, but once again the timing was off...it was on a Saturday, so there was no way for us to attend :/ I watched the setup process for a while, then went to a nearby salon to get my hair cleaned up. My hairdresser was a native Lexingtonian, and gave me lots of good tips for sights to see and places to eat. In particular she suggested I visit the Farmer's Market, which was also open on Saturday but was far closer to our venue than the Roots Festival.

So I went!

These are not my pictures :) But this is what it was like! It was rainy when I went and a bit chilly, making it feel like fall. What a wonderful feeling! I got some tomatoes, a loaf of bread from Sunrise Bakery (to be reviewed later) and two of the tiniest eggplants on the earth.

That's an average-sized golden delicious apple next to one of the eggplants.
I've never cooked eggplant before...I've got lots of egg whites though, so maybe I'll pick up some breadcrumbs and try frying them! Or maybe even eat them raw...supposedly it can be done if you're not allergic...

So, I had a really great time here in Lexington :)

I know that frequently (ok, always) I post pictures of objects and places, but rarely of people or with people.
I'm the type of person who likes to explore during the daytime, before noon, and this often means I end up going solo.
I like finding unique things in each city we visit, and making discoveries on my own and at my own pace. Going out to bars in the evening with friends is fun too! I just don't go out at night very often, because it's not my favorite thing to do.
So for those of you who are concerned that I have no social life, please don't worry.
I'm fine! This is just who I am :)