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Train Run to Lexington

We got off to a bumpy start around 2am
(the train was in several pieces and needed to be reassembled).
Seems like the driver knows what he's doing...it's been a smooth ride since then :)

The power must have gone out at some point, because I woke up at "5:30am" and felt strangely well-rested.
Went back to sleep and woke up at "9:30am". It was actually NOON. Wow.

So I've lost half my day, but wouldn't have spent it very productively anyway!

I am 2 minutes into watching The Maltese Falcon, and already I love the bottom-to-top window shades, and Spade's match-lighting gizmo!! Also, these guys make trench coats sexy ;D

We are spotted in Lexington KY, right next to the National Cemetery! Definitely gonna check that out!
This was a nice train run, we had a really good driver/engineer. Highlights included deer running alongside the train, loads of beautiful wildflowers, and a raccoon picking its way between the trees. None of which I got pictures of lol.

Just got back from a walk to the grocery. There's a Kroger right down the street. As soon as we were spotted, I hopped off and started walking, but at the top of the nearest hill I looked up and saw this rolling in:

...and turned right back around :P
But about an hour later it cleared up and I was able to get to the grocery. Didn't actually NEED anything, but it was a nice walk. There's a large plaza with an antique mall and several thrift stores in that direction. Luckily our rehearsal tomorrow was pushed to 4pm, so guess where I'll be! *joy*

On Friday I'd like to check out the downtown area and possibly the college area. There's a Mellow Mushroom! And a PNC Bank! Boy, it's just like being back home!

I'm also HIGHLY allergic to some plant or mold or something in this area. Have been sneezing non-stop since we got here, and my eyes are all pinkish. No photos please! Haha.