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Halloween 2019

Did you have a good Halloween?

My week was normal, just work and the usual stuff.
At work I am getting more comfortable with the added role of coaching. It breaks up my day and allows for some interaction with other humans. Plus theoretically I'm helping someone to be better at the job. Kinda neat.

By the time Halloween rolled around, we had four pumpkins. Sheesh! We each had a big one for carving, then I got a little white one to be Jack Skellington's face (Jameson's mom got us that decoration), and then we added a small orange pumpkin to be the "test pumpkin" for the types of carving we want to do!

Before all of that though, in the morning I had my first one-on-one consultation at the gym.
It was pretty much just taking my measurements and finding out what my goals are in working out.
I made the mistake of wearing an oversized t-shirt, and when the associate took my measurements she didn't even touch my waist, just the shirt. So now I have a recorded waist size of 36 (actual is 26. Sigh.)

But whatever. I'm not here for the numbers. I did a light elliptical workout and went back home to get started on the pumpkins!

First Jameson put on The Nightmare Before Christmas. Priorities! Then we got to work gutting and carving the pumpkins. We set the seeds aside for later roasting.

When the pumpkins were ready we began carving. When our Halloween movies ended we'd put on another one, The Great Pumpkin or Simpsons Halloween and whatnot. Jameson finished before me, having used a stencil. His turned out pretty creepy-looking!

Mine took more time, as usual because I chose to do something complicated and ridiculous haha.
I wanted to make my pumpkin look like it had boils or zits. So I shaved the skin off of its lumps and thinned them out from behind so light could shine through.

I had planned to also drizzle yellow and white wax over the lumps to give an oozing appearance, but spent too much time shaving lumps and ran out of time. The white pumpkin made a great Jack Skellington head.

Jameson's gym consultation was at 4:30, and while he was there I cleaned up our mess, ordered dinner, and went out to get more votive lights and some pumpkin beer. Not a single store had Pumpkinhead or Basic B*tch left in stock, so this took longer than expected, but finally I found "a" pumpkin beer and brought it home.

Back at home Jameson got a shower, I hurriedly set out some candy for trick-or-treaters, and we ate our pizza like ravenous wolves.
When it got dark we dropped LED candles into our pumpkins and took them outside. I was pleasantly surprised by how gross the boils on my pumpkin looked :)

As we waited for trick-or-treaters we watched The Haunting of Hill House. Oh my gosh, this show is so good. Scary and dark on a deeply emotional level that many people can relate to. You should watch it.

We only got two trick-or-treaters the whole night! Argh, now we have WAY too much candy! What a tragedy :P

I also roasted up our pumpkin seeds with some salt, pepper, chili powder, onion powder, and olive oil. Our seeds were rather large so I boiled them first to help break down the shells. They turned out really good, and we snacked on them as we watched our show.

Overall it was a pretty successful Halloween! With all this candy it's good that we've got a gym membership, haha.
We were hoping for more trick-or-treaters, but we live in sort of a vacation home area so it's not surprising that we got so few.
Well, now we know for next year!

Our Friday was spent mostly chilling out, we both needed it. We went to the gym in the morning and the grocery in the afternoon, then both of us had a nap. Around dinnertime I started making zucchini fries and Reubens using recipes from The Dude Diet: Dinnertime sent to us recently by Jameson's mom. Jameson has a salt intolerance and has to watch his sodium intake, and Reubens are one food that he misses. We were hoping this recipe would be a good replacement (and I think it was!)

This Reuben involved ground turkey seasoned with dill and kraut mixed in with the patty meat to give it a "corned" flavor. Then you top it with Swiss, more kraut and homemade Russian dressing on rye bread, and press it in the pan using a heavy skillet. The zucchini fries were breaded in panko and cornmeal, then roasted in the oven. Turned out really good! We're excited to make more recipes from this book.

Jameson has some free time this week, I'm going to enjoy seeing him every night for once!
I don't have a lot lined up this month, just a trip to PA for Thanksgiving.
Just waiting for the temperature to get below 80 at this point...
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