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Busy Week is Busy

Last week's post didn't really get finished due to it being SO BUSY.
Jameson was finishing up his final week on the Guardians show. The cast and crew had an awesome year, got along really well, and put on an amazing show every day! Congratulations!

I just had a lot going on and not a moment to write, but that's ok! All good things!
Jameson and I went to see Queen in Tampa! Of course they were absolutely amazing. I'm not even a "real" Queen fan and I had an absolute blast.
(Again, use the little arrow to the right to click through video clips)

I also had the chance to visit with one of my Ruby Princess band ladies!!
Rebeca was in Tampa rehearsing with Norwegian Cruises for an upcoming Alaska-to-New-York tour, and she had a free night. So I drove down, and we went to Seasons 52. We had a great time getting caught up and enjoying a delicious meal together :)

Fun stuff aside, I spent several days working from 6am to 10pm, at CapTel in the morning and Music & Arts in the evening.
I did end up giving notice at Music & Arts. I took the job for the extra money, but with the goal of possibly going full time or being a manager again. It kind of didn't take long for me to realize, that's just not what I want any more. My heart is not in it, it doesn't pay the bills, and I need to be pursuing other things. My manager was really understanding, and was just glad I'd be helping through rental season (their busiest time of year). So at least it wasn't a total wash. I'll stay on through mid-September.

Then throughout the rest of the week, we had a bunch of stuff to do on top of work. Jameson's piano finally arrived and was set up and tuned. Jameson's mom sent us a mattress and sheets for a guest bedroom set, and we also got two more dining room chairs, a garage door opener, lounge and deck chairs for the pool, and ordered all-new appliances. Phew! I'm poor haha. But it's worth it. There will be a lot of moneysaving after all this, but hey. We've got a sweet house.

Funny story, Jameson got a flat tire this week. I got one last week! What the heck! To "celebrate", or to express exasperation, we visited Yeoman's Cask & Lion, a chain British pub with rockin' desserts. That sticky toffee pudding is swimming haha.

I finally got to take a dip in the pool! It was glorious. You guys, it's been extremely long since I've been swimming. Probably 5+ years. Now I can't wait to hop in there at every opportunity! What an amazing thing, to have your own pool! I can see why Jameson wanted one so much.

It's been a good week. Maybe I'll have more time to write next week.
The plan for today (Saturday) is to come home and clean the house while Jameson is at a gig.
The plan for the work week...get through it!


Aug. 25th, 2019 10:45 am (UTC)
Great to hear that you both are settling in and finally enjoying the fruits of success.

In the photo where Jameson is sticking his tongue out there are a series of buildings in the background and I was just wondering what they could be.

It appears you now have a solid foundation upon which to build a great future and I wish only the very best for both of you.


P.S...Do you see yourself ever taking a cruise ship job again? Seems like you had a blast and met some really cool people.

Aug. 28th, 2019 01:43 am (UTC)
Re: ?
Ok, so can you kind of see the black thing around our pool, the screen enclosure?

We live in a neighborhood, and our neighbors have pools too. They also have screen enclosures over their pools. Those are the "buildings" that you are seeing. If you go to google images and search "pool enclosure", you can see what it is a little better.

Thanks for the well-wishes, we're doing our best!

PS: While I met some great people on the cruise, working on a ship full time is not for me. I rarely got to set foot on land. I had to medicate myself for seasickness constantly and endure nausea every week for four months. I had to share a room almost as small as my train room with another person, with no windows and poor ventilation. Zero privacy or time to myself anywhere on the ship. If I were to take 8-10 month contracts I would have to be away from family and from Jameson for that entire time (at least in the circus I could visit from time to time, but on ships that's not possible.) There are some things that are just not worth the money.

Musically, I have never been a jazz musician and the ship gigs are all about jazz. That is 90% of what's expected, and I have zero interest in playing music that I dislike for months or years at a time just to make money. That's not why I went into music. The ladies in my band were the best part of my experience on the ship. But the all-female band was a one-time special event. I won't get to work with these ladies again, except maybe in passing. Instead I would very likely have to deal with a typical all-male cruise ship band and all that entails, while having to room with a random female crew member who would not be a musician.

I am very grateful that I got to experience performing on a cruise ship. I loved my bandmates and did have a great experience. But as a career, there are way too many reasons it's just not for me.

Thank you for asking, I know it seems like a good choice and I hope that explains some of why I'm not pursuing it :)