taz_39 (taz_39) wrote,

First Week in New House

This week was a lot of work and house prep for both of us.

Jameson got a new motor for the pool pump--or maybe it was a new pool pump, not sure--but anyway, he took care of that so our pool is almost ready to use! The next step is to clean it and get the pH balanced.

Firehouse Pressure Washing was finally able to seal our pool deck, which is amazing considering all the rain we've been getting. The deck looks great and is under warranty for three years, I'd highly recommend Firehouse if this is something you need done!

Jameson has been working on setting up the studio and getting our landline phone working, between going to work at Epcot and doing his teaching from home. Pretty soon the Guardians show will end for the summer, giving him a bit more free time.

I have just started a second job near Mall at Millennia. I feel pretty grudging about doing it, but with all the house stuff going on and Secret Plan Part 2 in the works I'm going to need the extra money. I love working at CapTel but it's an hour commute from the house; my second job splits that commute and it's something I already know how to do so I think it'll be good for a while. We'll see.

Once again I didn't get to finish this post before it went live. There's just not enough time in the day!
Here are some pictures of the house still kinda in progress.


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