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Leaving TX...Saying Goodbye to Jason

Yesterday we had our last show in Texas!!

I like TX and all, but...I'm so glad! Haha. It's been VERY hot.
You know how much I love to walk. The heat often made it difficult to be outside for more than an hour at a time.

Of all the cities in TX, Austin was the most appealing to me. Maybe it's got that 'hipster' vibe that I like...maybe it's that there's so much weird stuff that I haven't seen anywhere else...who knows!
But I'd love to come back and do a better job of seeing all there is to see...maybe when it's not so stinkin' hot out.
Or when I've got a bike :P

I'm excited to go back north, and to be on a REAL train run again!
Since we've been moving from city to city in TX, the runs have been short and jerky affairs with little change in scenery. This run to Moline, IL will take about 3 days and cover some 1100 miles. You can bet there will be pics!
Once again it's just Rebecca and I on car 39...everyone else has opted for mini-vacations.

Last night I wanted to hit 6th street one more time; there are lots of cool little bars and shops over there, and though I saw much of the west half apparently the majority of the unique stuff is on the east side. I decided to stay in in the hopes of poking around a bit this morning before the train moves. At the very least I wanted to take a walk. But now it's almost noon, and I haven't left yet, and we're asked to be on the train by 2pm :/

The reason I'm off to such a late start? I was poking around in my neighbor's room. He's accepted a teaching gig in Vermont, and yesterday was his last day with us.

His name's Jason, and he plays sax. When I first arrived here, he was ultra-nice to me...showed me around, helped me to shop for needed items, shared his things, and was generally kind and considerate. Just an all-around nice guy. I don't know who's replacing him, but if he's half as nice as Jason I'll count myself lucky! Teaching was what he really wanted to do, so I'm very happy for him that he's found his calling.

On my first day on the train, Jason gave me a piece of bamboo that an elephant had thrown at his head. When I found out he was leaving, I took it to an engraver and had them inscribe it with:

"Elephants Never Forget! Best Wishes Broccoli! RBBB 141st Ed., Red Unit"
...or something like that. (Jason's circus nickname was 'broccoli').

Gave it back to him a few days ago. Hopefully it's a good souvenir of his time here! He also had all of us sign a guitar he bought in Mexico, that's definitely a good remembrance :)

For these last two days, Jason had to move all of his stuff to another empty room on the train so that the porters could clean his room for the next guy. The cleaning hasn't happened yet, so this morning I decided to see once and for all whether my room is actually bigger than his!!
(this has been a subject of debate since I got here lol).

*Can I have a drumroll, please!!*
Lo and Behold! The two rooms have an identical width of 93 inches! :D
However his window is a full eight inches wider than mine! (jealous)
Maybe the larger window makes his room appear smaller?

I'm working on a loaf of bread from Sweetish Hill Bakery back in Texas.

Their cookies are better than their bread :P
This bread is a 9-grain, kind of dense, and it's a really big loaf. It's a little salty for my taste, but the salt probably helps to preserve it and it goes great with eggs.