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Fort Worth/Random Thoughts

Hello again from Fort Worth!

Today is our last day in this city...we have one 3pm show, then we'll hit the road around 4am I think. It's so nice to have only one show in the middle of the day. I can wake up late, enjoy a good breakfast (and write in this blog, yay!) and make sure I've got all I need for a fabulous train run :)

This is the first city where I really feel like I missed out on 'experiencing the city'. There seemed to be lots of interesting buildings and shops in the Stockyards area, but the walk would have been over 3 miles and the weather + show schedules were uncooperative on the days I'd planned to visit.

Yes, I could have gotten a cab, but chose not to. Next year...I am bringing a bike!!!

On our day off, I did take a walk around the venue to see Sundance Square and the recently-built Bass Performance Hall.

Sundance Square was unfortunately under construction, and mostly seemed to consist of trendy bars and restaurants as opposed to retail shops. So, next time I'm in Forth Worth, I GOTTA get to the Stockyards Historic District! Note to self!

There was also a cool water garden right next to our venue! Here's the biggest fountain there(video).

Anyway, taking a break from the sightseeing in this city might have been good for me. Each city has something unique and wonderful to offer; however, cities are still CITIES no matter where you are!

Near our train yard this time, there was a small residential area. I took a nice 2.5 mile walk through it one morning, before it got hot out. It was quiet, and there was a cool breeze. It felt very good, and reminded me of all the times I spent in the woods while living in Virginia. As we move back toward the Northeastern US, and as the seasons change, I'll be on the lookout for walking trails.

Next year has got me all excited! There are more shows in places where I have friends and family, and a LOT of shows in California. I'm excited to see the seasons change on the train! And VERY excited to be a part of the winder quarters rehearsals! Everyone assures me that rehearsals are a pain, and I'm sure they are :P but for now I'm excited! The theme for next year is "Building A Circus" or somesuch. Here's the white model.

Only 3 months and 95 shows to go!!