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The Moving Train Part 2

Had steak and eggs with Brett (bandmaster) and Jameson (sound effects, keys).
Well, they had steak and eggs, and I had steak and rice and salad :)
I forgot to grab my phone before going to the pie car, so will have to take pictures of it some other time. It's like a diner...there are all kinds of cool decorations on the walls, and TVs mounted on the walls.
Then of course I went back to looking out the window and sitting in the vestibule :D
The weather is nice today, so lots of people are outside watching the scenery.
It's amazing how many people will stand by the side of the tracks, or on their porches, and wave! Or how many people set up cameras in advance to take pictures and video! Kind of makes me feel special :)
I saw a huge vineyard and a huge orchard, and an old traincar made into a shack. Jameson says there are whole shantytowns made of old traincars out there.
I definitely love being on this train! I love seeing this side of America...I can't WAIT to see more!!
And best of all...I'm not motion sick!! *joy*