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Dallas Week 2

We're traveling from Dallas to Ft. Worth today. It's a very short run so we should get there by noon I'd imagine (it's 11:30am CT now).

Our second week in Dallas had a much lighter schedule than the first...four days of only one show per day. It was still boiling hot out, but I did manage to see much of the city thanks to the cheap and air-conditioned light rail :D

Went grocery shopping, how exciting! Haha. There was a Target, Big Lots, Whole Foods, and more. Picked up my groceries for the next two weeks and cooked food for the next two days, then after a short rest went to Deep Sushi with Chris (sound guy). Nice day :)

Mostly rested. Took care of various bills, did laundry, watched some youtube, went to work and went to sleep :)

A day of spending money :P
If you know me you know I'm pretty frugal, but sometimes things just have GOT to be bought!
Got up early for a hair appointment at Northpark Mall. I now have a sort of mid-length bob that will hopefully metamorphose into some other style once that pesky top layer grows out.
Took care of some 'girl' shopping...boys, be grateful that you don't have to invest in outrageously expensive undergarments :P
Also picked up a much-needed cooler/lunchbox, and a few produce items from Whole Foods that couldn't be found in Target's skimpy fresh food aisle.

Slept in a bit.
Made a resume rough draft for a coworker and went over it with him after the show.
Cooked for today and tomorrow.
Cooking in advance for the week really helps to save time.
Then I braved the heat (110 degrees!) to take pictures of our train yard, which is in Fair Park, a highly Art Deco facility designed by George Dahl. I <3 Art Deco!

Got up early for a trip to the Dallas Farmers Market! It's a set of 4 sheds, two of which are produce, one that has baked goods and crafts, and a fourth that had nothing at the time. There was also a large pottery studio/greenhouse nearby. I got some carrots, cherry tomatoes, a mango, candied ginger, and a small bag of homemade trail mix for snack. The walk to and from was a nice look at downtown Dallas along St. Paul St. Then it was back to the train to rest up for the weekend 6-pack!

Other highlights of Dallas:

In general the architecture here is beautiful and unique,
with hints of Deco even in the modern buildings.

I never got tired of looking around...each building has something special :)

There were a lot of homeless people here though...perhaps because it's always warm.

At the venue, we met a security guard who has been working in TX for over a decade and has seen the circus come and go throughout most of her career. She took a look at our schedule and saw the split shows all week followed by a 6-pack, and ran out and bought enough candy for the entire circus for the whole weekend. What a sweetheart!!