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Dallas Week 1

Hello from Dallas!

We've been here a week. More shows were added into our schedule, so there has been little time for sightseeing as yet :/ However I did make time to visit the JFK Assassination Memorial/6th Floor Museum.

That's the museum...the window farthest to the right is where Lee Harvey Oswald shot at the president. On the left of this picture you can see a white X on the road...that's where he was shot.

It's amazing how influential JFK was...I had no idea that he was behind the Peace Corps. I also learned much about his involvement with civil rights. I wonder how different the world would be if he hadn't been killed.

This week, we are fortunate to have four straight days of night shows only. That means I've got the WHOLE DAY to explore Dallas! AND I got myself a weeklong lightrail pass!!! Looking forward to a GREAT week, and a 'week 2' post with lots of pictures!!